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Blank Canvas E40/E41 Double Ended Brush



E40/41 Double Ended Tapered Crease Blender/Smudger Brush

E40 Flat Shader/Smudger
For Eyes.
Ideal for: Eyeshadow application and smudging. Great for precise application of eyeshadow, works great with cream or powder products. This brush is stiff enough to smudge shadow along the lash line when creating a smokey eye.
Made from soft synthetic fibres.

E41 Tapered Blender
For Eyes.
Ideal for: Blending cream/powder products.  It's tapered shape makes it perfect for the crease of the eye.
Made from soft synthetic fibres.

Care  for  Brushes is more important than ever. With the metal ferrule in the middle, it’s best to use a brush spray such or 80-90% isoprophyl alcohol spray to avoid the ferrule getting wet and the glue loosening. For daily cleaning, you could use a spray or an antibacterial wipe  and if a deep cleanse is needed, maybe just do one end at a time.